Sunday, October 2, 2011

First post-150k run

After a hiatus of a week taken to rejuvenate and recover, I decided to restart running this morning. I had a nice, long, 25k+ run planned. As I began to run, the ground did not shake. There was no flash of lightning. No thunder. No nothing. At the other end of the spectrum, my legs did not feel heavy. Nor was there any pain from the blisters. The ankle too wasn't sore; it too seemed to have healed.

I was expecting something, anything, whatever, to happen on this run. I had, after all, done a 150k just last Sunday and I am sure that expecting some effect(s) of that endeavor to show on the first run was not expecting too much. Nothing, but nothing had changed. It was the 11th day Piyush's self imposed challenge of a 100 half marathons in as many days. I had to meet Piyush, but I got delayed by a few minutes and by the time I reached the designated spot, Piyush had left. I noticed the roads were the same, the weather was exactly how the Ahmedabad weather is at this time of the year and I was running the way I would run a 20-25k training run. Since I was running after one full week and enjoying it so very much I decided to prolong my joy and I increased the distance a little more. I ended having completed some 34-35k. Nothing had changed. Nothing at all.

If there has been any change in perception, this post should take care of that as well.

That would bring me to the end of this post.

But it is said that a picture is worth a thousand words. I shall leave you with a few pictures I have downloaded about Brazil-135. The challenge, apart from the ascents, the descents, the mud, the rains, the temperature variations and every other what-have-you, is to overcome the temptation to stop and admire the beauty of the place and continue moving.

But before you get to see the beauty of the place, some technical details:

This is the elevation profile of the route. If it scares you, you must be really, really brave, because frankly, I'm terrified.


  1. Brazil,,:)) i am coming in 2012:) keeep Beer ready :) cheeers