Friday, May 28, 2010

Procrastination was not kept for tomorrow.

This first blog rounds up all the things I was supposed to have done a long, long time ago, but kept on postponing it. As mentioned, this is my first blog ever, and I hope to improve with time.

Today being a day off from running, all other things have started to be put into place.

The complete concentration for now is on Athens; it is going to be a historic run, and all the stops are being pulled out to ensure that the timing at the event will prove to be personal best, that all the efforts taken so far will hit paydirt.

But there are quite a few things to be done before the run on 31st October, 2010. The most important thing, was setting up a blog where descriptions of the trials and tribulations, blood and sweat and everything else that goes into testing the physical limits of the body can be recorded regularly. (This blog will begin with common, layman's terms without any technical words. This blog will be, plain and simple, an athelete's blog, for everyone to understand and hopefully, get motivated to indulge in some simple physical exercise which is also fun. As days go by, however, some technical terms will definitely find their way in, but that will be dealt with later.)

A few appointments need to be taken to streamline the other aspects; Lihas, my buddy, and also my running buddy for Athens and I need to discuss and put into practice the 'best practices' we have developed for distance running.

A lot of other things to do. While procrastination was not kept for tomorrow, these other things will happen over the next few days.

Most of the things that were needed to be done have been done. Tomorrow, Saturday, is a leisurely run. Lihas and I shall be setting a pace of about 5:45 - 6:00 minutes per kilometer. At this pace, we can chat while we run, so a lot of those discussions as mentioned earlier will take place tomorrow. The idea is to do 22-25 kms tomorrow, to give the legs a shake and to hint to the leg muscles what is in store for them on Sunday - the day of the big run.

For the past few weeks, Lihas and I, both have been feeling the monotony of the present route setting in. We might discuss and decide on how to change the route. Any changes are possible only on Saturdays when the run is not that serious in the sense that we do not need to concentrate on any aspect of running. Saturday is also a day when the mind and body is allowed a timeout; so if a run needs to be aborted much before the goal set is achieved, Saturday is the day it is allowed. But tomorrow is a Saturday when this will not hold true. We will be doing 22-25 kms tomorrow, and on the route that has been planned.

The interview with Ahmedabad Mirror last Sunday has set the ball rolling - and we're all the more motivated at this time to push the envelope further.

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